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en roast duck enjoys the reputation of being a green food.Bi▓an Yi Fang was created in the fourteenth year of Yongle peri▓od in Ming dynasty(AD 1416) , it has nearly 600 year▓s history, and it was firstly granted as "Zhonghua Old Zi▓ Hao( a

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become one of the largest foo

name)" " national supreme restaurant" ISO9001 National Quality Assurance System in 2001."Bian Yi Fang" Lao Zi Hao with a implied meaning of "conve▓nient for and benefit for people, super value" managing idea, depends on Oven Roasted Duck as the Dragon Head, bases on Shan Dong Dishes. The Roasted Duck with cri

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ses in China, preparing dishes u

sp skin outside and tender▓ inside, with fresh and delicious taste, so "Bian Yi Fang "enjoys high fame. Because the Oven Roasted▓ Duck is roasted in the closed oven, during the roasted peri▓od "avoiding the fire" it can guarantee that it has no impu▓rity when

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than four hundred recipes. It

it is taken out of the oven, so it is named as " The Green Roasted Duck". During these years, Bian YI Fang▓ has based on the traditional cooking method and then created new style of "Crispy With Flower Fragrance", "▓Crispy With Vegetable Fragrance". Oven Roaste?/p> More is commonl

坉 With Patent and Three Kingdoms Feast, and renewed Salty Duck Liver, Duck Web With Mustard Sauce, Crystal Duck Tongu

y regarded as a go

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e, Braised Sea Cucumber With Scallion, Drunken Duck Heart With Rice Wine, Dry Fri?/p>

od representative

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坋d Four Duck Treasures, Crisp Fragrant Crucian, Quick Fried Fish Slices With Rice Wine,

of ▓Chinese food, a

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Fish Maw in Thick Sou▓p, Quick Fried Cuttlefish Roe Soup, Vermicelli With Pork Shreds etc more tha

nd a must fo

n 10 kinds of special▓ties, which are all welcomed by the customers.Today, "Bian Yi Fang" depends on its six hundreds years ▓culture deposit, persists on the managing prin▓ciple: Building up Zhong Hua Lao Zi Hao, Creating Cl▓assical Bian Yi Fang, achieving quality purpose of upon customers expectations Dishes are 100%, Service▓ are 100%, sanitations are 100%, Environme▓nts are 100%, following th

r every visito

e quality policy: Super value, Keeping improving and renewing the new goals all time.The name of "Bian Yi Fanmg " also▓ has a story, in AD 1552( The thirtieth year of Jiaji▓ng period in Ming Dynasty), Yang Ji Sheng (Zi Zhon▓gfang, Hao Jiaoshan) who lived in dazhi Brid?/p>

r to B

eijing. The name

of the restaurant, Quanjude, together implies perfection, union and benevolence. Bian Yi FangBeijing roast du
ck is divided into two types:▓ roast duck made with closed oven (where the ▓heat is from inner ove
n wall ) and roast duck ma▓de with half-open oven (where the duck is hung over heat ▓source such as fire ).
Bian Yi Fang's roast duck is the representative of the closed oven type, whic▓h is made without using open fi
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